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Instructor: John Southern

Group Members:
Arthur Badalian
Ada Castellon
Ani Yegghiyan
Paul Castellanos

The density of the project and the maximum height limit of 100 feet led to the development of a module which could be repeated without sacrificing circulation, outdoor space, or view. Parking is subterranean in order to maximize unit space and the core from the parking provides circulation up to the commercial and residential levels. Arrangement of programs consist of a commercial plinth and residential units which shift above for privacy and view. The units are fenestrated in response to the sun and wind flows on the site.

Each module includes an operable balcony for additional ventilation and view. The structural system which supports the floor slabs and skin is a steel frame and the skin of the project is made up of three interchangeable panels which either diffuse light, provide shade, or collect solar energy. The accumulated energy is used to pump greywater from a cistern below ground to the softscape on various levels which consists of sand, gravel, and native low-water use plants. Efficient circulation and user operated skin give the building a unique mapping depending on the occupancy.